Our Approach

Adolescence can be a confusing and difficult time for students—physiologically, socially, emotionally, and academically—as they transition from childhood to their teenage years.

This confusion can manifest itself in negative behaviors and choices that undermine a student’s commitment to school and long-term well-being (e.g., academic failure, drug abuse, bullying, gang involvement, etc.).

Schools often struggle to cultivate and maintain a supportive environment for students to become autonomous, explore their identities, take risks, and build confidence in themselves.

Our Solution

Character Connection partners with schools, teachers, and families to help adolescents develop confidence, competence, and compassion. Through our classroom instruction, evening family programs, and professional development training, we create safe and nurturing communities in which students learn how to be their best self. Strengthening social-emotional qualities in young adults empowers them to make more positive choices and overcome challenges as they progress through life.

Our unique approach has three components:

  • Partner with schools, educators, and families to help students develop the social-emotional qualities needed to overcome challenges as they progress through adolescence;
  • Connect students to what is going on within them through our character language, as well as mindfulness, writing, and guided conversation. As students develop an understanding of themselves, their self-confidence strengthens while cultivating a deeper connection with and concern for the people around them; and
  • Extend our program beyond the classroom by inviting families to join their children in our workshops.

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