The Character Connection Initiative

The Character Connection Initiative empowers adolescents to strengthen their confidence, competence, and compassion through character education and mindfulness. Our instructor-led programs and family workshops give schools, teachers, and families the tools to help students persevere and thrive throughout school and life.

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Read about Character Connection at the United Nations!

“Last year, suspensions in the eighth grade decreased by slightly more than 60%!”

Carrie R., Partner Teacher, Waltersville


Since beginning TCCI, I have learned so much about myself.  I am more open and honest about my feelings.”

Luis A., Student, St. Thomas Aquinas, speaking at the United Nations

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Character Connection at the United Nations

The Character Connection Initiative and two of its students recently presented at the United Nations’ 55th Commission for Social Development: Promoting Mental Health and Well-Being for Youth. Founder Justin Rivers and students Jalene Rivera (Waltersville School, Bridgeport, CT) and Luis Adames (St. Thomas Aquinas, Bronx, NY) spoke about the impact of Character Connection’s program, including the … Continue reading Character Connection at the United Nations

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